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Exchange Rate Work Station

There are two categories of people that are interested in knowing the exchange rates of currencies, The traveler and the forex trader. The traveler There are two categories of travelers the one that is going to stay for a couple of weeks or so who will mainly bring cash and atm card. If you bring cash the exchange rate for one hundred dollar bills is greater than smaller denomination. The other kind of traveler is the one who come to stay a while.
Living on your atm card can cost you an extra % because you are charged by the country your at and the country your bank is in. The best way that I have found is make sure the bank in your country will transfer funds abroad and as soon as you arrive get a bank account and setup your ability to transfer from your bank at home to your bank abroad this cost you about 2%.

To check what percentage that you are being charge use the calculator and subtract the money you have after exchange from the money you had before the exchange 'money before - money after' and divide the money before into the result and that will give you the percentage you are being charged (money before - money after/ money before). You should not be charged any more than 3% if you are, look elseware for a better exchange charge.